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Brimming with traditional appeal, Coleridge is PWS’ latest classic kitchen offering.

This affordable design has the look of a painted kitchen and with its timeless alabaster finish and raised and fielded centre panel it embodies quintessential English style.

There’s plenty of scope to add interesting design touches, such as the handy yet decorative open shelving and wine racks on the end of the split level island, plus gently rounded curved doors to soften runs of cabinetry.

Whatever colour trends come through it seems that the demand for alabaster never falters. It’s fair to say that this neutral tone will never date.

The new Coleridge design has an understated elegance and is perfect for combining with natural materials such as granite and timber worktops.

There are many opportunities to personalise the look. Coleridge boasts a raft of decorative features such as pilasters, glazed dresser doors and traditional tongue and groove panelling as well as practical wide drawers for a simpler look.


Painted, Traditional