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The handleless Welford kitchen from Multiwood stands out due to its good organisation and well-considered details.

Features such as the full height larder doors allow for convenient storage management, whilst also adding great visual aspects to the kitchen.

With its minimalistic design, and continuous sleek lines – even around corners – the Welford creates an airy feel with a greater sense of space. Its built in J-Handle delivers practicality and style. It has a comfortable grip, allowing your fingers to glide behind and open with ease.

This sophisticated product is available in six colours: Cream, Willow, Grey, Savannah, Sky Blue and Bright White. They complement each other perfectly, giving you the freedom to combine tones, define different areas of the kitchen and achieve the effect you desire.

If you check our Testimonials page, you’ll see a real example of a Welford Grey kitchen that we fitted last year.


Contemporary, Gloss