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With its wide offer of finishes, Style allows a number of composition options at any price level and is certainly the most versatile model in its range.

Laminates with the new wooden tones (like pine, elm, flamed oak) or the exclusive termocotto veneered oak warm up the space with their natural aspect.

Or there’s the laser edged white laminate finish that not only guarantees an impeccable appearance given by the fusion of the edges, but also has the advantage of being strong as well as damp and heat resistant.

There is also a contemporary concrete finish available in six different tones. Style furniture allows for larger storage capacity with a new high carcass and door to use in combination with a high plinth.

Colour plays an important role in the Style range with over 25 matt or gloss lacquer colour options. It is most effective when used to highlight details such as open elements such as wall units or shelves.


Contemporary, Wood