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A modern and reliable modular range, Aspen is a kitchen designed with many durable finishes to ensure long-lasting use.

Doors have an aluminium frame that harmoniously combines lightness, technology and design. Base units can be the traditional 60cm depth or a more comfortable 70cm to allow a deeper working surface. New modules are also available at 75cm wide and 204cm high.

Aspen can be finished in laminate, matt or gloss lacquer, natural wood veneer. There are also several advanced finishes including:

  • Corian®: advanced and high value material, resistant to scratches, hi-temperature and bacteria, Corian is available also for sinks and the drainers that can be integrated in the worktop.
  • Fenix®: innovative nano-tech material, with waterproof and anti-mold properties. A mat and smooth surface anti-fingerprint and micro scratch resistant.
  • Stratificato: wear resistant and steam resistant, easy to clean and long-lasting. Available in matt finish or stone-finish.

Contemporary, Matt